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On Display

On Display


most of the time at least ;-)

One of my Favorite Romantic Movie. I can watch it any number of Time. Still brings the tears.

Perfect for each other - Jane Austen quote art #romantic #watercolor

Same Time, Next Year (1979)

I need to get on top of it :/

/// todd norsten

It gets easier with practice

You can't arrest an idea

well....it's one way to do it.

Ceiling Painting (1966) by Yoko Ono

This isn't just true, this is absolutely the story of my life. I can't go ANYWHERE without an idea popping up of how to do things differently or better. Now I need to learn to just keep most of them to myself.

Good ideas here

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary - Pablo Picasso #artquote #inspiration #bluepom

time to move on...

Annie Oddflower