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  • Sharron Wallé

    Fruit fly catcher just use apple cider vinegar and small slices of banana. The link takes you to remedy for ants too!

  • Joie Rhodes

    HOW TO.. Kill knats & fruit flies

  • Jessica Malloy

    Fruit Fly Trap: 1 quart jar, 1 piece of paper, rolled into a funnel, tape, apple cider vinegar, small slice of banana. ...(site has recipe for ants, too!)

  • LeAnne Potter

    How to get rid of fruit flys

  • Ala Fahmy

    Frugal & Natural Pest Control: Fruit Flies & Ants Be Gone! Fruit Fly Trap 1 quart jar 1 piece of paper, rolled up into a funnel tape apple cider vinegar small slice of banana Fill a quart jar with a 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar and a small piece of banana. Roll up your paper into a funnel shape (larger at the top) and tape it in place. Place the funnel into your jar and make sure all the edges are secured shut with tape. You may have to adjust the size of your funnel to make sure it fits nicely into your jar. Place the jar where the fruit flies are flying around and let it go to work. You will be amazed at how well this trap works. The fruit flies will smell the fruit and climb inside, but for some odd reason they don’t fly back up the funnel to get out. When you have caught a good supply, place the entire jar in the freezer. After a short time that flies with die and you can remove the jar from the freezer and use it again without even removing the old contents. Use repeatedly until your fruit flies are eliminated.

  • Yahaida Sanchez

    FruitFly trap..jar, rolled paper taped edges, apple cider vinegar & small slice banana.

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fruit fly trap....put a piece of fruit into a jar, insert a funnel (paper wrapped into a funnel with a small tip opening) into the jar, tape open edges so no flies can escape.

Put an end to most ant problems with inexpensive products from the home center or hardware store, and save the expense of hiring an exterminator.

Want to get rid of pesky fruit flies? Put about 3/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar into a small bowl. Add a few drops of dish soap. Find a spot near where the flies are swarming to set the bowl and leave overnight.

How to get rid of fruit flies: Combine approximately one cup of vinegar, one cup water and a tablespoon of any liquid dish soap in your jar.