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    “Ballerina Project” photo by photographer Dane Shitagi. #Dance #Photography

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    art and beauty

  • Ashley Gibson

    city streets

  • Pia Cossu

    Anna G - Washington Square (5-01) Ballerina Project #ballerinaproject #dance

  • Cherish Kovach

    Senior pictures idea?

  • Kay

    January 1st 2011 in New York City Anna Gerberich did the first Ballerina Project of the year. Because it was winter in the city it was not a typical time for a project shoot. The majority of ballerinas shutter at the idea of shooting in the bone chilling weather. On the other hand Anna was enthusiastic to do a shoot for the project and prospect of freezing did not dissuade her.

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the Ballerina Project is a series of photographs created by photographer: Dane Shitagi. Crafted over the span of ten years the Ballerina Project is not “dance photography” but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions. Every aspect of the Ballerina Project is carefully crafted and cultivated. The project has been photographed entirely on traditional photographic film and not with modern digital cameras.

NYC. A little of beauty can neutralize squalor and degradation // The Ballerina Project

Karina It's completely beyond me how they get into the air like that, as though there were a pair of wires holding them up.

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Alys - Central Park Become a fan of the Ballerina Project on Facebook. Check out the new Ballerina Project blog.

the truest strength is being able to hold together when everyone’s expecting you to fall apart.

NYC. A promise to keep? a complex of shortness? Beautiful anyway... // The Ballerina Project

Louis is known for his celebrity dance instruction, and even HE claims that most celebrities LOVE the cha cha. It's fun, it works your body well, and is easy to learn for anyone!

Love this picture. I wonder if they were hanging out in the sill or if photographer asked them up. And did they do class in tutus? Or was it a rehearsal?