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  • Gabriel Mills

    Kitchen 101 #food #cooking tips #recipes cooking #cooking recipe #cooking guide|

  • Elliot Effertz

    Kitchen 101 - Mass & Volume Equivalents @ Chasing #cooking tips #cooking guide #recipes cooking

  • Irwin Bogan

    Here's a cheat sheet about Mass & Volume equivalents of commonly used ingredients for baking like flour, sugars, butter, salt, cocoa powder, honey and many #recipes cooking #cooking guide #cooking tips|

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This conversion table for measurements is fantastic for all the summer baking you'll be doing. Making a cake? Need some conversions? This is the table for you! I have this printed off and stuck in my recipe book because it is pure genius. Real genius. Love it!

Kitchen 101: Eggs. All you'd ever want to know about eggs and egg measurements, all on one sheet. & you can buy an 8x10 copy.

I need to print this and hang in my kitchen! Or make little chalkboard on the back of cabinet with this!

Kitchen 101: Eggs - All about using eggs in baking.

How many cups to a quart, how many quarts to a gallon. You get the idea. Really handy. How-Many Guide.