Finally someone who explains the ruffle ratio:

Ruffle 101

how to ruffle

Better way to sew linings and facings

ruffle big stitches or threads to pull, you gather as you go.

Better way to sew seams and facings

How to make ruffled (rose) sleeves

Easy way to gather/ruffle. Wish I had known this a long time ago! Brilliant!

Make these w heavy duty velcro strips on back for easy hang up, swapping & removal to organize crafts, art supplies, journals, home office, command center. Use over PVC pipe tubes or shower curtain tension rods. Also great for closet organizing in bedroom, bathroom & kitchen. Mix n match fabrics to the season & holiday decor just like we do for table runners & place mats.

the absolute BEST & COMPLETE how to sew a dress tutorial. from fabric selection to the final hem. it's ALL there. a MUST for Beginners & an awesome brush-up for moderate sewers. I give it 5 stars! ♥♥♥♥♥

Cascading ruffle skirt tutorial with template (could also use ruffle template to make a cascade from the neckline of a blouse or dress)

Jennifer's tips for sewing ruffles. Yay ruffles! :o)

How to Sew Piping from Country Woman -- shared by Beth Huntington of The Renegade Seamstress

how to use the gathering foot

Tutorial: making ruffled leggings

Ruffles: Set the tension as high as it will go, and select your longest stitch length. It should atomatically ruffle for you. Best part: no string pulling:)....oh. now you tell me lol

Interfacing 101

Sewing sleeves

Easy Guide To Sewing & Sewing & Quitling Books and Software at

zippers made easy