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    • Indira Bart

      Beautiful and practical watertank...

    • Kate K

      Elho Pure Raindrop - Automatically fills intergrated 5 litre can during rainfall. Automatic filling of 75 litre reservoir during rainfall. Excess water falls back through downpipe. Has anyone installed a Raindrop? Pointers? Thoughts?

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    This garden design is stunning and simple. The gorgeous green seating area, the beautiful stone section and the perfectly laid out path.

    Sweet & green trellis for your more delicate vines. I'd use regular sticks, as I am not fortunate enough to own a sexy bamboo grove. Yet.

    growing sugar snap peas Plant two rows of seeds in a raised garden bed, placing them about a 1/2″ deep and sowing a seed every few inches. Support sugar snap peas with a trellis. Sugar snap peas are a viney veggie, and trellising the peas gives the growing plants the support they need.

    Backyard border garden

    Plants to attract bees

    Growing asparagus. Perennial vegetable = only plant once! Good companions: rhubarb, strawberry, horseradish.

    This would look beautiful along the front of the house!

    How To Build A Squash Arch...

    Red Stonecrop (Sedum Spurium 'Schorbuser Blut') is a very attractive border plant that does not mind the shade and can be used as ground cover under trees and shrubs forming an expansive red carpet. Its star-shaped red flowers stand out from its beautiful dark green, slightly red leaves. Flowers absolutely anywhere. Another advantage of these plants is that they suppress the growth of weeds.

    I love this idea! My kids are always digging around in my backyard. A play garden for children

    Un escalier de style au naturel fleuri entre autre d armeria, euphorbe intercalées entre les pierres.


    Build This Pole Bean Tee Pee Trellis

    Blue star creeper is a tough ground cover that's an excellent choice for a parking strip.

    5 Best Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners -I will try these next time to add some variety to my garden!

    Hollyhocks: one of my favorites out by the barn!

    Together coleus, sweet potato vine and impatiens make a spectacular impact, with a contemporary vibe, when placed in a black container.

    Growing Hydrangeas • Lots of Tips & Ideas!

    What a cute and cleaver idea! Clear around the planting area, for productive growth of the beans. Greate hideaway for kids in the yard, leave the grass in the center.

    Can’t we all just get along? Some plants simply don’t make good neighbors. Learn which plants shouldn’t be planted nearby with this helpful guide! #Gardening #Tips

    A garden in a day This colorful garden was installed in a day

    A Simple Trick for Planting Beautiful Flower Pots

    Cottage garden, foxglove, delphinium, poppies, penstemon

    Runners are long stems that run off the central plant and create baby strawberry plants. These baby strawberry plants suck the nutrients out of the central plant and the central plant will lose its ability to produce fruit.