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You know what? Just leave me with my books and magazines because I don't wanna talk to you anyway if you wanna punish me...remember what happens when I don't like somebody (see earlier post)

"I’m A Gemini!"…. Words from a Gemini. (BTW, to whoever wrote this - it's gold medal, NOT gold metal.)

Zodiac Gemini facts.. lol ok I know some people think this stuff is dumb, but this one is so ridiculously accurate about me that it's scary.

Life with a #Gemini is like a thrilling roller coaster. If you can’t handle the highs and lows, don’t come to the amusement park. Double your pleasure or bust. -- Sherene Schostak | #horoscope #astrology

Zodiac Facts - Gemini - See? I'm not vain. I'm just a member of the most desirable sign. LOL jk

Gemini...This is true and is a curse as well as a blessing. It's called being the FUN one!

Gemini- this is true to an extent. We let those that are closest to us see or know what's going on. I've had ppl tell my Mom that they didn't even realize I dealt with depression bc I always seemed so happy. Pretty much my family and my husband see how it affects me!