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Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska • How To: Red Hair

The Best Volume Products! Get big hair at home! #hair #beautytips

Used by Chelsea Houska from teen mom 2! It's a powder that gives your hair a lot of texture and volume <3

Hands down the best hair mask ever!


chelsea houska hair | Chelsea Houska's Loose Waves Are Surprisingly Easy to Do (PHOTO)

Repair Damaged Hair At Home With Redken Extreme Hair Care Line

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12 Best Hair Care Products for Split Ends

this is definitely what I was trying to do with red instead of blonde and now Im a red head all over..... #hairfails

“Created this rooty pearly blonde on my client yesterday and gave her a fresh cut to go with it. She takes amazing care of her hair at home with…”

Chelsea Houska has the cutest hair ever!

One pinned said: I own this and it works freaking MIRACLES: my hair isn't damaged at all but it makes it 10 times softer than it was before. I'm always getting compliments on how soft my hair is:- NEED TO TRY THIS.

Chelsea Houska Hair !

Chelsea Houska Hair How-To

I love this but will probably never make my hair look this good!

Spray onto ends of hair to grow hair to grow long. Not only will this make it grow but it will make your hair SOOOO soft! The lotion is also amazing. Silly smooth skin.

Chelsea Houska 5 Fav Beauty Products - Total girl crush here

I have been using these three products for about three months and the results have been amazing. I was thinking about just buying the grow new hair treatment at first but then I thought it was better to use a shampoo that would intensify the effects of the treatment. I wouldn’t make sense to use a shampoo that contains chemicals and is 80% water when I am using an organic pure treatment to regrow my hair. With this shampoo a little goes a long way and my hair has absolutely seen the results.

Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser. Over the years I have had thinning and some hair loss for any one of many reasons. But I thought this was something easy that I could incorporate into my hair care routine. I have been using it for about 3 months now and can say that my hair has never looked so good but most importantly my hair seems to be sprouting new shoots of growth.