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Tone It Up Tuesday

Take control of your life and be who you want to be! Look how you want to look! You alone have the power to make that choice! If you are out of shape and over weight, it is because you made the choice to be that way! Stop making excuses for yourself and get it done!

Get up! Study says sedentary time means less ability in everyday life

Yoga, Running, Pilates, Zumba... What about a walk? Just be active in whatever way you can :)

Looking for fitness challenges? Build muscle, motivate yourself to exercise, lose weight and mix up your workouts!

No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

While I understand the message here is "Don't worry about your body - worry about your mind", body shaming isn't acceptable, no matter what a person chooses to do. If you think having big boobs is all you have to offer....check that self esteem and work o