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  • Kaya G

    LIFE With a Cheerful Cape Cod ‘Cult,’ 1948

  • Allen Filloon

    Grooviest. Cult. Ever! Do you want a real experience to talk about when you get home from your vacation? Come and get yourself Activationized. This intriguing invitation, LIFE magazine informed readers in August 1948, was distributed that summer around Cape Cods Provincetown to signal the beginning of a brand-new cult something known as Activationism. Here, offers a eulogy for and celebration of the short-lived, playful, and (evidently) quite exhilarating phenomenon.  Spread across several pages in that August 1948 issue, the article featured photographs by LIFEs Martha Holmes pictures of men, women, and children activating to their hearts content.

  • Yasmina Torres Gómez-Piñán

    life with a cheerful "cult" on Cape Cod 1948

  • Megan Pennington

    A cheerful cult grows on cape cod

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