• Sarah Meißner

    Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Slices, perfect summer side, or light lunch!

  • Christine Robinson

    Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers -Sounds like a fun recipe to try

  • Nicole Naslund

    Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Salad Print This! Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Slices 1-1/2 lbs cucumber (about 3 medium), peeled, halved lengthwise & thinly sliced 2 tsp kosher salt 1/2 c rice vinegar, seasoned or regular 1/2 c water 3 Tbs sugar* 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes 2 Tbs minced red onion *I’ve even made this with Splenda and they turned out great! Place cucumber slices in a colander sitting over a bowl, sprinkle with salt and toss well. Let sit for 1 hour refrigerat...

  • Lacey Kieser

    Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers - Perfect for a BBQ side dish

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Hawaiian Poke Cake!! Drain 1-20 oz can crushed pineapple. Use juice + water in cake preparation. 1[16.25] oz French vanilla or Butter cake mix, Prepare as directed on box. Bake in 9 x 13. Poke holes in hot cake. With mixer, 2 [3.4] oz coconut cream instant pudding mix & 4 c half & half til slightly thickened. Mix 1 c with crushed pineapple, pour over cake. Pour pudding on cake. Chill til set. Frost with 16 oz frozen whip topping, thawed. Sprinkle 1 c coconut. Store covered, Chill well.

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REAL lasagna soup! I promise this recipe is better than every other "lasagna soup" recipe on Pinterest. Try it, you won't be sorry. And, it's easy. Your family will love you! Lady Ford's Blog About Everything!

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People, this is called , Amazebowls!!!!! TRY IT! I promise, so easy!!!!!!

Quinoa Pizza Bites! SO healthy, easy, and satisfies that "Comfort Food" Craving! 265 calories & 18g protein for 12 BITES!

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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs appetizer Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs appetizer *These were pretty darn easy to make and pretty tasty! I suggest using them as an appetizer instead of putting them on top of pasta ---way too filling with pasta! Also, after the 5 minutes in the oven I cooked them on high for an hour instead of on low for two hours.

*My husband made these fore me and I love them! (He thought they looked gross) Great source of protein too! Flour-less pancakes with bananas and eggs,

Franks red hot buffalo chicken dip *This will be another go to item for parties - everyone loved it and it's SO easy! I made my shredded chicken ahead of time in the crockpot the day before. (I used 5 chicken breasts with a little bit of water and half a jar of Frank's hot sauce. I had LOTS of extra chicken left over so you probably only need 3 chicken breasts).

*Everyone loved these! I forgot to make them and chill them the night before (they are a nightmare to cut if not chilled) so I just made one set of roll ups the day of the party and for the rest I just used it as a dip. I had everyone dip flour tortilla strips and corn tortilla chips in it! So good! Fiesta Pinwheels

*This will be my new go-to dessert item! Everyone at our housewarming party LOVED this! And it’s SO easy! Creamy Nutella Dip Recipe: Ingredients: 1/2 cup Nutella 4 ounces fat free cream cheese 1/2 cup Cool Whip Directions: In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together until smooth. Refrigerate until serving. Serve with fresh fruit, graham crackers, brownie bites, pretzels, etc.

I love this recipe!!!! Lamb Ragu.

Crock-Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken *SO good, and so easy!!!

*These were SOOO good!!! :) We used flank steak. healthy cheese steak, Stuffed Pepper, Stuffed Philly cheese steak pepper.

Nutty Broccoli Salad recipe