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Okay, I've been trying to design a side piece for awhile now. It will be centered around my current anchor tattoo. Gotta remember this for when I'm getting it drawn out-- love the water.

I love to cook, and i wanna make a fun and unique tattoo that shows this feeling. Done by Douglas at Led’s Tattoo ( in São Paulo - Brazil

Bunnies Adrift tattoo by Justin and Elise

Cranes! Thinking about designs possible for a tattoo to remember my brother. Not that I am brave enough to get one!

I love The Used, I love this tattoo.

I want this tattoo on my side or a smaller version of it in my foot

Storm on the Sea of Galilee after Rembrandt van Rijn 2010 by Butterfat Tattoo, Chicago, IL #tattoo #remembrandt

I really love the sharp lines and simplicity of this, but it holds zero meaning for me personally. Sad.

Wow, that's beautiful. Might have to steal This.. Make it into a wizard of oz tattoo. Replace the compass with the mechanical heart, color the poppies red.. Oh Jesus that'd be a great piece