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    Every women has her own style, a women makes an outfit her own with accessories

    I know its about fashion.. But i like it in general :)

    Oh, Coco. ♥ we love ur famous quote! ♥ JOEYJ. jewelry (WWW.JOEYJJEWELRY.COM

    "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" -Coco Chanel (via Beauty High) // #QuotesToLiveBy

    Don't fall for all the fads...if you want to, take one element of the fad & mesh it into your style. Don't go overboard.

    Hey guys as many of you know Samantha Hammack use to take my pins and use them as her own and cyber bully me on my page.. She would comment on my pins and call me ugly, etc. well, I quit pinning for awhile and I started pinning again but she has started stalking my page and using my pins so if you all could just report her page if you see it I would appreciate it. Thanks :)

    I love this quote and I think it relates to the series because Mia does have passion, but it's easier for her to 'go with the flow' than stand up for herself. Makeup, or being agreeable is a much easier thing to do, than showing your passion for things and standing up for your beliefs and ideas. This is a struggle Mia faces practically every day, just like many, many teens around the world.

    Fashion is not about buying a second skin. Fashion is about having fantasy. - #quote #fashion #Elbaz