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Shrimp and Mimi

Shrimp with his tongue out And little Mimi

Photo Diary: A Day at the Shelter with Wags and Walks | Lauren Conrad

"Dogs eat, cats dine." --Ann Taylor

The Cocker Spaniel is a very lovable and pleasing creature, which comes in two distinct breeds: the English and the American Cocker Spaniels. The American Kennel Club recognized the English Cocker Spaniel as separate breed from its American counterpart in 1946, ending a long discussion of which dog type could bear the Cocker Spaniel title.

Wire Fox Terrier


Mr. Bingley the Adorable: sweetest little pup

Well alright ....as long as you keep still, you can stay............

Face of innocence, love him! #Bulldog

What every Chi needs.




I'm not a cat.....I'm not a cat.....I'm not a cat...

She is so tiny

I love the face of a sleeping grey.

Awww! Golden Retriever Puppy. TOO CUTE!

pup in a cup {so cute!}

Dog Time Race 9 | Kunihiko N.