Girls just wanna.....

Girls just wanna.....

Funny Music Ecard: If I was rocking Luke Bryan's truck I wouldn't want the night to end either.

Cant wait to see him in concert on June Been playing him non stop in the car lately (my "feel good" music) Always puts a smile on my face when my princess sings along with me from the back seat and then says "ooh mama, i like this song"

Really this could be "I need to ________ but I already took off my bra" and put anything you want, and that's my life, LOL

This is so true. Sometimes I just throw on a heavy sweatshirt.hell I just fit in with the rest of the Walmart crowd.

this is what will need to happen.

Party Fails - Reaching the Right Advertising Market

Um, yep!!!  The cryptic statuses some people post might as well say, "ask me, ask me, ask me!!"

I hate when people do this! at least when i post vague status updates its cuz i WANT the attention.

Best quotes by Ron Swanson. I don't follow Parks and Rec faithfully, but I love this character.

Best quotes by Ron Swanson…

Funny pictures about Best quotes by Ron Swanson. Oh, and cool pics about Best quotes by Ron Swanson. Also, Best quotes by Ron Swanson.

Ohh I love your hair! what did you do? Me: I washed it, I have curly hair Co-worker: really? you just wash it and it curls up like that? Me: Like I said I have curly hair.

Better than the silent treatment

LOL oooooooh this is so ingrained in my sin nature --- Lord please oh please help me to try to stop controlling it all