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    Golden Retriever and Newborn Fawn Are the Cutest of Friends. See more at TheFW

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    • Ruffington Post

      Must See Video or Golden Retriever Pup Playing with Newborn Fawn -

    • Rebecca Davis

      Oh. My. Goodness. Golden Retriever and Newborn Fawn. I could watch this forever! Like watching Bambi, but instead of the bunny, it's a dog that the deer meets.

    • Courtney Bukauskas La Rosa

      Golden Retriever and Newborn Fawn - I wish the lady wasn't talking in this video. The background noises plus the visual of the deer and puppy playing are so peaceful and sweet. The woman talking is 10 kinds of annoying.

    • Brenda Elizalde

      She thinks the newborn fawn is playing with her dog but the fawn is scared to death!! Its tail is straight up in the air, its ears are on alert and the fawn is not chasing after Dickens as if they are playing "together". Poor thing is "rearing" up with its front hooves to protect itself. That is a defensive stance! It does'nt know that Dickens is just playing :( maybe the "ohh" at the end of the video was the mama coming to the rescue!

    • Jennifer Williamson

      Golden Retriever playing with a newborn fawn - I've never seen anything like it!

    • Stock Photos ♨

      Golden Retriever playing with a Newborn Fawn #video #youtube #pets

    • Ashley Slocum

      i love animals. they don't discriminate.

    • Cindy Crissman

      Dog plays with newborn fawn

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