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Zombies? What zombies?

Tactical baby stroller for the zombie conscious parent -- for my friends with kids.

The Ultimate Zombie Survival Vehicle

Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle (HEY this is the truck I drive and its even blue! Well then Im ready for the zombies!

zombie survival package

Funny pictures about Amazing zombie survival kit gift box. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing zombie survival kit gift box. Also, Amazing zombie survival kit gift box.

Future plans

Zombies are way more important. Holy Crap Thanks FJ! My plans for the future My plans for a zombie apocalypse urn" I HI ttntt. My plans for the future: >Survive a zombie apocalypse.

Haha!  Not me though. I'm in neither of those scenarios!  Gotta stay one step ahead in the zombie apocalypse, peeps....

When the time comes…

Yup pretending to be a zombie so they don't bite.yeah I would have been bit in the first week of the zombie apocalypse

The apocalypse starter pack

The apocalypse starter pack

The zombie apocalypse starter pack. Warning: shipping is a problem during the zombie apocalypse.


Gerber Apocalypse Kit, featuring 7 awesome knives and axes, as featured on AMCs The Walking Dead adventure-gear

Trespassers be warned…

Trespassers be warned…

Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies Metal Garden Yard Sign

Zombie Feet Sandals $19.97

Zombie Feet Sandals

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Eberlestock G2 "Gunslinger II" (http://www.genesistactical.com/products/eberlestock-g2-gunslinger-ii-pack.html)

Eberlestock Gunslinger II Pack - Great pack for a bug out bag - Lets you carry an concealed and a secondary weapon, with ad on accessory. - Preparing For SHTF

There you go kids, an excuse for when your parents ask "wtf. . why do you have marker all over your face." "I am going to FAIL the Zombie Apocalypse Mom"

The zombie game!

Funny pictures about The zombie game! Oh, and cool pics about The zombie game! Also, The zombie game!