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Athena Yearbook, 1959. Ohio University Homecoming, Homecoming Queen Evelyn Stumphauser, th first place prize float in the men's division, 'Railroad Miami' of Phi Kappa Sigma, 'Lets mulitply our victories', Center Dorm's first- prize float in the women's division, Fall 1958, Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1961. Ohio University Homecoming, "Souvenir of the big victory... Sigma Chi's first prize winning Homecoming float carried the message of the day" Fall 1960, Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1997. "OHIO Homecoming Parade, Above: Ohio University cheerleaders and fans join together in the Homecoming spirit before the game, Below: The members of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi Mu know how to celebrate on their float during the homecoming parade", Fall 06', Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1952. Ohio University Homecoming, "the Beta's prize winning float, ADPi's prizewinner, Homecoming 1951: Parades and house decorations..." Fall 1951, Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1962. Ohio University Homecoming, students preparing and creating floats for the parade, Fall 1961, Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1956. Ohio University Homecoming, "Phi Sigma Delta's float, 'A Flash in the Pan', Phi Mu's presentation, 'Keep em' down to Zero', Sigma Chi's, 'Kent in vane, OU will Reign', ... marching band closed homecoming festivities with its traditional block OU.", Fall 1955, Ohio University Archives

Spectrum Green Yearbook, 1977. Ohio University Homecoming," Steve Voorhees of Sigma Phi Epsilon walks along side his fraternity's winning homecoming float during during the parade, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity displays their flag and welcome banner for their alumni", Fall 1976, Ohio University Archives

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Ohio University

Athena Yearbook, 1957. Ohio University Homecoming 1956, celebrations and football. :: Ohio University Archives

Athena yearbook, 2007. Womens field hockey, womens volleyball and football are just three of the many sports Ohio University has to offer. :: Ohio University Archives

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Peden Stadium

Athena Yearbook, 2006 :: Ohio University Football :: Ohio University Archives