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Ancient Egyptian arched harp (shoulder harp) frem c. 1390-1295 BCE, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mummiform Figure of Osiris The inscription identifies this figure as Osiris. He wears the crown of ostrich feathers, a sun-disk, and the ram’s horns that identify him as a king. Yet he is also in the form of a mummy with the curled beard worn by the dead. ◦Medium: Wood, painted ◦Place Made: Egypt ◦Dates: 664-332 B.C.E. ◦Period: Late Period (probably)

Clepsydra or water clock, faience. Egypt, 4th century BCE. One of the earliest known time-keeping devices, water clocks had inner markings which revealed time passed as water ran out of them.

Ptah-sokar-Osiris Figure of Ankhshapenapt Period: Late Period, Kushite Dynasty: Dynasty 25 Date: ca. 712–664 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Deir el-Bahri, Tomb TT 56, MMA 1923–24