Heads or Tails plate by Mariann Johansen Ellis, via Flickr

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Heads and tails...linoleum

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Andrea Lauren

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Printing on gessoboard. Gessobord is a wonderful surface for patterns made with stencils or block prints. For this painting, I carved a koi design into a soft rubber block of Safety-Kut™ using Speedball® linoleum block cutters. I mixed acrylic paint and Golden® Acrylic Glazing Liquid (this keeps the acrylic from drying too fast) and applied it to the block with a rubber brayer

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Heron by Elizabeth Rashley : Limited Edition, Collectors Original Prints For Sale, Contemporary Art Gallery, Devon, UK - The Brook Gallery : Buy Art Online

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This would be amazing white on black paper - black on white paper - and cut in six parts in an A B pattern! Or in a cooperative gyotaku fish print with 6 friends and 6 pieces of paper! RT If I did the gyotaku fish printing like I've always wanted... printing onto multicolored paper would be cool!

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LinoCutBoy - top ten tips for Linocutting. Very useful indeedy.

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printmaking with extruded insulation

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I was thinking of something like this, but with Marumiyan's head and having all the things that inspire his work coming out of his head

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PROCESS: the reduction print

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Neil Brigham, koi - heads or tails. Neil's work has been recognized and shown at the Society of Illustrators in New York and Los Angeles. His block prints have also appeared in shows in New Zealand, Ireland and Wales. Neil lives in beautiful western Massachusetts where he makes art, gardens and occasionally mows the lawn.

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slip & sketch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Fish Lino Print | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

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Leili Towfigh #ceramics #pottery

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printing intaglio without a press using Tar Gel from Golden

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linocut cards. This could be a great fundraiser for Fine Arts. E could package them and sell. Keep the blocks and reprint as necessary!

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another great print from Eric Rewitzer dogpatch print

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paintings by karen o'neil

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