Karl Urban in his new TV show Almost Human.

Karl Urban - Almost Human

Jon Snow! Photos: Actor Kit Harington on Season 4 of Games of Thrones | Vanity Fair

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Karl Urban .

Personally, Opie was my absolute favourite and I just couldn't love the show after he died - especially the disrespectful send off he got. Of course the way the show didn't only 'jump the shark' but did a handspring somersault over it didn't help! :) But this is a gorgeous gif!

Keith Urban - Own every single one of his CDs, and he's only gotten better over time. Amazing voice, amazing guitarist, unreal music.

Michael Ealy

Heath Ledger

Karl Urban, Almost Human.

* Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray, lab assistant in BONES.

Karl Urban

Karl Urban | Almost Human...His eyes, his mouth...I want him >-

Karl Urban....Almost Human!

Almost Human | Tumblr - Karl Urban.

Spencer Reid is my FAVOURITE character - along with Penny. He's the 'Brains' of this 'Thunderbirds' outfit.......

Image: "Sons of Anarchy" cast

Karl Urban - I have been in love with him since LOTR

Jason Momoa.

Karl Urban

Karl Urban, please let look at you