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One of the last-known photographs taken of the RMS Titanic, 1912.

100 years of Titanic: Memories Check out the gallery of some very old pics and further info: http://www.amazingworldonline.com/2012/12/100-years-of-titanic-memories.html

Titanic 100 year anniversary 2012

Titanic time line of when everything took place

Thomas Andrews, designer of the Titanic

Civil War

first-class dinner menu from the Titanic

Molly Brown, passenger on the Titanic

Titanic newspaper article

Hundreds of these perfectly preserved au gratin dishes were recovered from the ocean floor in 1987 and 1994, where they were found lined up like dominoes. They are now part of the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

news of the Titanic's sinking

Titanic Capt. Edward J. Smith's cabin, 2003

Brother against Brother

Civil War

SOS from the Titanic

first class lounge