What to do with all those black pots - make a scarecrow!

Did this for last 2 years. 1st over strawberries, then move over blueberries, then over black raspberries. I now get 98% of my crop. Great idea.

GARLIC: Did you know it grows well in pots? This is the growth 9 days after planting. Intensively 'food farming' in containers saves time, space & $$. You can also move containers around to repel pests in your garden. Free 5 STEP TUTORIAL on how to grow organic garlic @ http://themicrogardener.com/5-step-guide-to-growing-gorgeous-garlic/ | The Micro Gardener

prairie scarecrow♥

Primitive tipsy pot planters

an adorable idea for outgrown and cracked rainboots

all types of potted plants- they tell you what's in each pot, you can do it yourself--this is awesome!

With this gate as the back board to the potting bench, "S" hooks can be used anywhere on it to hang your tools and more. How clever is that! And love the vintage base.

For sharp, rust-free tools, store in a sand-filled bucket (or pots) with a little oil mixed in. Perfect for balcony and small garden tool storage. | The Micro Gardener

This is quite possibly the most beautiful flower i have ever seen! 25 Photos

Old Shutter for hanging potted plants

Flower Pot idea

submerge pots to control herb growth

people are so creative!

flower pot birdbath

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas | Use tree stumps and logs as planters! I have a tree stump planter in my yard.

pot people

I absolutely love this idea. I must try the spilled flower pot in my front yard.

Natural garden pot..

Black Bamboo...got to love da black bamboo ... gorgeous ..

Pot person...