To this day, the great model and actress Angelina Jolie has more than 40 years and a great family, but when the photographer Harry Langdon met this teenager promising future was only 15 years, these p

Angelina Jolie

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Angelina Jolie for fans of Angelina Jolie images.

The Academy Awards Ceremony Angelina Jolie Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Girl, Interrupted"

Angie at 16 (photo by Philip Wong ~ 1991)

First Photoshoot of Angelina Jolie When She Was 15 Years Old Focus on the amazing portraits of American actress Angelina Jolie, of 15 years old at this time, in a vintage style. Photographer Harry Langdon was the first to portray her so young, at a.


Every year, Hollywood’s awards season culminates to its grandest of all awards, the Academy Awards. Also known as the Oscars, for short, the annual awards ceremony celebrates the best in cine…

Good genes: Rare baby pictures show Angelina Jolie with her lookalike mother Marcheline Bertrand, featured in the latest issue of InTouch Weekly

Rare baby pictures show Angelina Jolie with look-alike mother Marcheline Bertrand as intimate details of her childhood are revealed

Good genes: Rare baby pictures show Angelina Jolie with her look-alike mother Marcheline Bertrand, provided by Marcheline's goddaughter Marie Miles