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I love this word.

father daughter Celtic knot! me and my dad just got this together❤️ I love it . #love #celtic #tattoos #father #daughter #back #shoulder #arm

Celtic symbol for strength and "neart" means strength in gaelic. Would love either symbol or word as tattoo

Tattoo Idea!

Tattoo Idea!

Tattoo Idea!

Memorial tattoo for my dad. His initials in his handwriting from a report card I found when I was in second grade.

My tattoo I got for my fishing dad! He has ALZ. It is a way for me to remember the good times!

Mother child Celtic knot. I may get this for my baby boy, Collin on my side, over the rib he cracked while I was pregnant with him. :) simple & sweet. It also represents his Celtic name & roots. & I find it ironic that this picture has 11/25 which is Collin's dad's birthday.