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Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views.

Walking up to someone short and you say, "wow, you're short" :)

Tall Girl Problems... that is what I keep telling people but they don't believe me until I try the dress on...

Cute shoes really look cuter when they are small. On big feet, they just look ridiculous.

I've gotten used to it. In order to get the sleeves long enough, I have to buy the shirt so big it could fit a small elephant.

Laura Nelson there are so many of these! They are all true!

tall girl problems. Especially here in Ecuador. EVERYONE thinks I'm married with kids. Which is a concept I do not understand. If they are short, and married with kids, why should height be in any way proportional to age? Just sayin.

No one believes me any way... Being tall does have it's advantages.