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not fair. I tell ours all the time that he needs to get himself a litter box, lol

Yeah, I get THAT look about a hundred times a day AND in triplicate! I think it looses something in the translation when you get a mouthful of fur! #justMY2cents


I thought you were never ever coming home ever...

haaa haaaa haaa this is soo something I can see our dog doing

Let the sobbing commence. | Community Post: 61 Times Golden Retrievers Were So Adorable You Wanted To Cry: Bald Puppy, Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Ugly Bald, Pet, Funny, Baby


Is that you bro?

Yeah, I laughed.

"Thank God you're Home! We couldn't find your number in the phone book!" ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer & Husky - we've been trying to call you for hours - Honest :)