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  • Paul Hutchinson FRAS

    “Ensanguining the sky How heavily it dies Into the west away Past touch and sight and sound Not further to be found How hopeless underground Lies the remorseful day.” (A.E. Housman)

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Go Rick

Loved these two- MUST. HAVE. MORE.


I would definitely read that.

Then when the movie comes out I'm always like but didn't i see that......

The Artist (2011) It's on Netflix, so I highly recommend you watch this- absolutely beautiful movie.

We've always been about burning stars//

A good #book and inadequate respect for tomorrow.

Anna Quindlen

Books are portals to new worlds

But that's why nerdfighters love him. :)

Oh, John Green. The lengths you go to in order to entertain us. [And decrease world-suck.] :)

I'm always looking for a new series to read

"Mary Shelley came up with the idea for Frankenstein at ~19, and it was first published when she was ~21."

How my day is going: perfect.

Tfios John Green Cover parody shirt. Although its more like the tears all over the place...

You keep your copy of the book with you most times, to reread your favorite bits when you have a free moment. | 21 Signs You're Suffering From A Book Hangover

The real stories!



Or you just start reading it again . . .

That hole in your chest when you finish reading a book series.

Famous children’s books, and how they were turned into movies (infographic) -- Favorite children’s books seen on a big screen are not exactly how their authors imagined them.

After all we've been through...