America: the only place where we not only celebrate ignorance & stupidity, but encourage the mass population to follow suit. (I thought that "Git-er-done" shit would NEVER go away!)


Willy Wonka

Ok. I had to say this out loud to get it.

can't stop laughing




Git 'R Dumb

19 Best Funny and Silly Quotes I Could Find on Pinterest Humore

Hehe..this reminds me of my boyfriends dog.

I cannot stop laughing.

The more you look at it, the more you laugh...

i can't stop laughing!!!

Sorry, just ignore the third one.

ha... funny

Little kids are so funny

ahahaha I laughed way too hard at this. Huff n puff balloons....we love you with all of our breath. Eee-er.

Very cute...funny

This is so funny omg