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Lol my nemesis...the reason it often is not, a beautiful day in the neighborhood....We all have one. :D

Mr. Rodgers forever

Mr. Rodgers forever

Thank you for accepting me into your neighborhood, Mr. Rogers…

Mr. Rodgers forever

hahaha he is so mad at her right now, he's like, "You lied to me about being just my next door neighbor, and now I'm gonna rub it in your face by reminding you about that."

Said this BOY.... and you ARE a P.O.S., it cost me cash this time....that's all...had nothing else invested.... I knew's a beautiful day in the neighborhood


I Knew Mr Rogers Was Awesome, But This Is Just Special.

REALLY cute information-bits about Mr. Rogers. Many I'd heard, but several I hadn't. Cute and uplifting two minutes of reading!

zulilyfrom zulily

Heather Gray Trolley Bodysuit - Infant

Take a look at this Gray 'Mr. Rogers' Trolley Bodysuit - Infant by American Classics on #zulily today!

We love Mister Rogers and are so proud that "Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood" carries on his legacy. The series features many of the same characters in animated form, spreading Fred Rogers’ lessons about creativity, imagination, and individuality to a new generation.


5 Moments That Prove Mr. Rogers Was the Greatest American

Childhood PBS Kids show, "Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood".


Mr. Rogers always said out loud that he was feeding his fish because of a letter from a blind girl!

Fred McFeely Rogers (1928–2003) Stomach cancer

Just when you think you've heard all the stories about Mr Rogers that make you mist up and realize just how good of a person he was another one pops up. When Mr Roger's Neighborhood started in 1968 the country was just 4 months removed from the assassination of Dr King, and Fred Rogers introduced his neighborhood to Officer Clemmons, a black police officer who was a kindly, responsible authority figure and was Mr. Roger's equal, colleague and neighbor. Around the 1 year ann...