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Very botanical for a feather, which is right up my alley...I also see wood grain and infinity symbol. Love the incorporation =)

mine =) Done by Ena at Lucky Draw Tattoo in Kennesaw, GA Stylized Peacock Feather

Love peacock feathers, getting some on my whole back! But I know this hurt like a biatch!!

Would be prettier with brighter and more color.. and in different spot. still cute!

Oh God.. I'm in love. I so want this.

Peacock Feather- The best I've seen yet! I've always loved peacocks... Such a beautiful, but mean bird! (from what I've heard) In fact, I decided to get this one done myself & even my husband loves it & approves! Yay!! Same spot & everything... The colors are perfect & the design is awesome! Perfect placement too... Beautifully Epic!!

I want to get a feather on the side of my foot. I don't know how but it should look like it came from an angel's wing. It could be blurry on the edges, maybe get some white ink going to give it a cool mystic look to it. Then either integrated in the feather or around the feather, the words "Never run faster than your angel can fly".~ Ooo pretty, I love the coloring in it,

I've never really liked feather tattoos but this... This is good. ❤