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    • Mary Anderson

      I admire the artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, who created this.

    • Emily Cochran

      I need to remember this <3

    • Kris

      Her favorite moments were those when she let go of all expectations and worries and just simply celebrated the very moment she was living. Be Present. - artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts

    • A Girl Called Atlanta <3

      #inspiring #quotes #sayings #affirmations

    • Beth Hackett

      "Her favorite moments were those when she let go of all expectations and worries and just simply celebrated the very moment she was living." we should all kinds art journal like this! (bh)

    • Kris Wood

      Kelly Rae Roberts - mixed media

    • Red Pear Creative

      BE PRESENT - print. By Kelly Rae Roberts. I just love this piece for its message, colours and beauty.

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    Thinking About Your Life-living in the Unexpected...and loving it!

    The constriction you feel may not be a restriction imposed by external factors... it may be a prohibition you are allowing upon your own life. But, like anything else, as we grow beyond the limitations of our outerwear, it becomes too uncomfortable to continue to wear it and either the material will give up the ghost or we will. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. When the pain of the self-imposed inhabitation of the familiar becomes too much, either the temple will give up the ghos

    “When your views on the world and your intellect are being challenged and you begin to feel uncomfortable because of a contradiction you've detected that is threatening your current model of the world... pay attention. You are about to learn something.” ~William H. Drury, Jr. (1921-1992) "Why, certainly!"

    Go out !

    Dont worry, be happy (15 photos)

    Keep in mind that if you are avoiding the topic of circumcision because of being uncomfortable or afraid of offending, it's innocent babies that you are throwing under the bus. You are sacrificing their rights and their bodies for your comfort. You are sacrificing them for your relationships. Think about that.

    Your actions affect others...

    Before I left for London someone told me story about always being uncomfortable. That has always stayed with me

    "Especially if one of the things you speak out against is circ. Especially when you are an American, in a culture very uneducated about foreskin, with a long history of children’s rights violations... Why risk damaging relationships because those around you think cutting the healthy genitals of children is no big deal? Why risk offending people you love? What is the benefit of being the “crazy anti-circumcision nut-job” among friends and family who don’t share your conviction?"

    Think outside the box. You might be pleasantly surprised! Sorry about the uncomfortable situation yesterday. I didnt want to take the girls out in a thunderstorm. :/

    There's no point at all. Letting God have complete control of everything is scary, weird, and sometimes uncomfortable. But we're talking about the Father, the Creator, the Divine Artist here! Let Him mold you into the person He has called you to be. It can be hard but is oh so worth it. His ways and timing are always perfect. :)

    Change can be uncomfortable at times but it’s the key to #happiness and #growth. Don’t be #afraid be fearless!

    This is the year to stop battling yourself in favour of trusting yourself. The 2ND MOST POPULAR BLOG OF THE YEAR is all about how to do just that: relaxandsucceed.w... 279 Relax and Succeed - To be outstanding

    The need to project uncomfortable thoughts and feelings about ourselves onto others is all about seeking a sense of relief from our own sense of self recrimination. Judging other people never defines them. It only defines you as a person who feels the need to judge. Read more here:

    .Honestly, we must be living the Hell part on this Earth right now. Think about it!

    She's talking about improv, but this is so true of anything that lies out of our comfort zone, right?! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Amy Poehler

    Change can be uncomfortable, but that is also the definition :) Read more about my experience with change!

    If you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

    How uncomfortable with your situation do you have to be before you do something about it?!

    "Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it." — Dr. Maya Angelou

    Life with fibro - it's so hard...wishing I could do all I used to..especially for my own family

    Truth be told...

    Thankful & grateful.

    Eckhart Tolle (You have no idea how powerful a statement this is). quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.