Day 1 - Junk Drawer Day 2 - Computer Desk Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinet Day 4 - Linen Closet Day 5 - Under kitchen sink Day 6 - Dresser Drawers Day 7 - The Pantry Day 8 - Coat Closet Day 9 - Toy organization Day 10 - Laundry Room Day 11 - The Freezer Day 12 - Spice Cabinet Day 13 - Medicine Cabinet Day 14 - Under bathroom sink Day 15 - Medicine/Vitamin Storage Day 16 - The Fridge Day 17 - The Mail Day 18 - Keepsakes Day 19 - Master Closet Day 20 - Photos Day 21 - You pick!

2015 is my year to get organized, so I'm joining the free 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, and this is exactly what I'll be doing week by week. {Free printable list of the 2015 challenges on Home Storage Solutions 101}

31 days to an organized house.

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Organized Cleaning :)

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Feeling overwhelmed with STUFF? Take back your home 15 minutes at a time decluttering one spot at a time.

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shoe organizer as a medicine cabinet

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