Rita Moreno West Side story <3

Rita Moreno, "America"

Rita Moreno, played Anita in West Side Story

Rita Moreno (Anita in West Side Story)

The one and only Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for West Side Story 1961.

Ms Wood starred in 1961 classic West Side Story, alongside Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno

West Side Story - Rita Moreno and cast

Kim Novak LIFE magazine 1954

George Chakiris & Rita Moreno--West Side Story (movie)

Rita Moreno during a West Side Story rehearsal, 1961.

Rita Moreno, 82 years old.

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Kim Novak, 1954

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Rita Hayworth 1918-1987

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George Chakiris & Rita Moreno, Oscar Winners for 1961--Best Supporting Actor and Actress for "Bernardo" and "Anita"