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hidden office

Hidden bookcase by "This hidden bookcase smoothly slides on a floor-based rail (included) and conceals any room in your office or home. It opens and closes very quietly--by pulling outward--and it exhibits no sign of entry when closed. Up to 500 pounds of books and decorations can be placed on the hidden bookcase." Oh my word.

Office closet space



60 Cool Office Workspaces | Part 17. Home office inspiration.

Cynthia Console by Hooker Furniture at Neiman Marcus.

Home Office, Ikea



office space

This "closet office" appeals to my love of small spaces. I would love to open up my closet and be greeted by vintage wallpaper, a wicker desk chair, and a hidden workspace filled with all of my craft supplies! If I had the right closet, this would be DIY... for now "Dream Home" :) (I have the perfect closet to bad I wouldnt have any whare to put my clothes. :()


Home Office

home office