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    Do you like funny pictures? meme ? checkout this site and start laughing even if your are not happy:#meme #funnypictures #humor #gaga #lmao #imao #LOL -

    Best eight seconds of my life. Im dying of laughter

    Hahaha, nice.


    this CANNOT be a coincidence.

    Disney Medley. I smiled the WHOLE time :) so worth a watch


    One girl's audition tape to be a Disney the whole thing!

    This is great! So funny

    Pocahontas Watercolor Art

    DISNEY PRINCES meets a BOY BAND. Definitely worth the 6 minutes. A Whole New World to the tune of “What Makes You Beautiful" is perfect.

    Taylor Swift = Crazy Girlfriend…I really don't like her.

    BaHaha!!!! I LOVE this SNL skit

    smart man

    THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD! It's so blunt. I love it #catchingfire #funny

    SO TRUE!!! Guys are like apples... some are green, some are red, some are bruised, and some look shiny and pretty.... but when you bite into them, their all the same!!

    seems legit

    watching this show in the middle of the night ♥

    (video)The real housewives of Disney.....HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS

    Nerd humor....<---my history teacher laughed so hard!