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Alarm clock you have to stand on to turn off. I need one for my husband!

eCool Underground Beer Cooler. Install it with a garden drill or a shovel and keep up to 24-cans cool underground using no electricity. When you want one, just pop the top and turn the crank. $349

This Industrial clock has an awesome design concept.

Alarm Clock Humidifier...Would LOVE this for the winter...

The ultimate auto safety device. Includes an automatic glass breaker, seat belt cutter, panic button/personal alarm, flashlight and emergency flasher. It also has a digital tire gauge and thermometer, and it even glows in the dark.

Long distance pillows. They light up when the other person is sleeping and lets you hear their heartbeat. <3 Oh. My. Gosh.

23 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real?

This goes on your back windshield & you have a control upfront that lets you send messages to people behind you. there are 16 different messages. Hahahahahahaha(:


maybe getting up for school won't be so hard with this Batman alarm clock #lego #legomovie

The days of under cooking and burning toast are gone! With the new transparent toaster early mornings, lunch and midnight snacks will never be a problem again, as you can see your toast cooking and perfect it to the texture and crispiness you like. This concept will solve everyday problems, no more burnt toast again!

The ring clock. Very original

Bluetooth Shower Speaker - 4 Colors; splash resistant and features a removable suction cup backing that grips to most flat surfaces. Song selection, volume, and calls can be controlled with the front push buttons, and a rechargeable battery offers up to six hours of battery life.

Crushed Ice Cube Tray... my favorite type of ice!

How to turn dark jeans into pastel ones... I dont even want to pin this because it will tell everyone the secret! Doing this asap!

Pianobell doorbell

Mason Jar Lid - BPA-free plastic lid that turns your mason jar into a travel mug.


Toast Messenger. Write notes on your toast!

Snooze Bar for iPhone 5/ 5C/ 5S

The Almighty Board is the ultimate kitchen assistant. This smart-board will simultaneously serve as your cutting board, display your recipes, provide step-by-step directions and weigh your ingredients out for you. After you wash it, it will even tell you if it has been cleaned enough to avoid cross-contamination or food poisoning.