Hammerhead Shark from 1 dollar bill

money origami dollar sign and many other dollar bill orgami projects. Fun way to leave a tip!

The Koi Dollar

I need my son to make this for me (yes, he's a wiz at origami. -Sam..............Dollar Origami Rooster

Ten Dollar Bill Origami BUTTERFLY - Money Gift Idea - Beautiful 10th Birthday Present

How to fold a dollar bill into a heart... Got one of these for a wedding gift.. it was a 50$ bill and a 50cent coin inside. :)

Dollar bill origami Mothers Love Jewelry Deals Marco Bicego Citrine Ring http://marcobicegoring.gr8.com Jewelry Deals http://jewelrydeals.gr8.com

Cool origami @Marina Zlochin Hayes Boyles this is like that giant fish stuffed animal at the progressive dinner

One Dollar Bill Origami

orudorumagi11's DeviantArt gallery

We love us some origami! We could use this and donate the origami (money) to our charitable partners.


10 Awesome Dollar Bill Origamis | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Something to do with dollar bills

DOLLAR SIGN Money Origami

paper craft #FLVS #paperpaperpaper

Origami Frogs Tutorial - Origami for Kids - Easy Peasy and Fun #FLVS #Leap

Dollar Bill Origami COW

10 Awesome Dollar Bill Origamis | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

DIY papercraft owl

Cool ways to fold money for gifts