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    • Marsha Terry

      OMG. So funny. Note that the person wearing these is black and is wearing very light colored stretchy pants. HAH!

    • Shawna Mathews

      Now this is freakin funny stuff right here!

    • Melissa Gleason

      Be honesty how many of you actually thought she was wearing no pants, I'm one of them but couldnt stop laughing after I found out the truth.

    • Cassie Jerman

      Oh gosh. Thank God it's pants. Laughed out loud for a while.

    • Celeste Stone

      cracking up right now. At first I thought she's naked! Then I realize nope those are pants cuz her arm is not that color lol

    • Kathie Adam

      At first I thought this was pur nakedness then I checked out the ankles...sorry to say friends, these are pants. It would appear that if you don't like to adhere to a dress code policy you should go work for Lowe's.

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    This is awesome.

    Hahahaha! I am dying

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    Men! SMH! hahaha!!! #RIP #LifeInsurance

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    I really would!!!

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