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Meet the capybara, the largest rodent in the world. Native to South America, they can grow to up to 4.4 feet in length!

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Captive Giant Anteater Myrmecophaga Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Rich Reid

Giant Anteater

The stinkbird is common around much of South America, but it’s the people of Guyana who’ve really taken this sky skunk to their hearts – they've chosen the nasally-offensive species as their national bird.

Possibly the most famous of all undiscovered creatures (and one of the most famous men in America), Bigfoot is thought to roam around the northwest region of the United States. Also known as sasquatch, he is a three-metre-tall apeman with an unpleasant smell and thick brown fur, so it seems strange that his most recognisable characteristic is the size of his feet...

This pretty boy is a keel-billed toucan. They're native to Southern Mexico, Central America, Venezuela and Colombia, and are also known as rainbow-billed toucans for obvious reasons!

"The green stink bug’s name is very complex (he’s green. he stinks and he’s a bug). He's often found being green and stinky in orchards, gardens, woodlands and fields across North America."

A beautifully rare animal found in the African bush, the pangolin is covered in scale-like armor. Taken on Karongwe Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Giraffe, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya | Ichigo sugawara via flickr