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Beautiful Poster Shows How We Got to the Cameras We Use Today

A short history of the camera. This is a compilation of the most popular photographic cameras before digital era. #photography


Ansco Box Cameras 3pk

Ansco Box Cameras 3pk now featured on Fab.


Cameras Set of 3

Cameras Set of 3, now featured on Fab.


Cavalier Super-8 Movie Camera

Cavalier Super-8 Movie Camera now featured on Fab.



Love this! "SHOOT! With the ultra-cute 35mm Oktomat, your subject is cleanly sliced into 8 little frames, boiled, and served!" Only $39

Azurebumblefrom Azurebumble

Abelardo Morell : ‘Camera Obscura’ (Photography)

Abelardo Morell : ‘Camera Obscura’ (Photography)

Describes each camera setting in detail and what to use it for. (NEED TO READ THIS!!!!!)

Comparative depiction of the human eye and the camera obscura. Early eighteenth-century book illustration

The "Manual Photography Cheat Sheet" by Miguel Yatco is a great infographic that nicely illustrates the basic foundational camera settings for understanding how to adjust your camera to take good photos. Krum, R. (2013). Cool infographics. Retrieved from


Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model

Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model now featured on Fab.