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Beautiful Gypsy

I love buckskins!

What a beautiful animal



I want a horse

The Most Gorgeous Horses of Different Colors You've Ever Seen. Celebrate Kentucky Derby Day! - grabberwocky


<3 horses

Mustang salvaje - Animal -> Por: Angel Catalán Rocher <- Sígueme!


Gorgeous horses... horses have always made me feel close to God. may sound weird, but theres just something about them.. such a beautiful creature..


grey mane

Beautiful palomino

Every time I see such a beauty I am amazed and fascinated.

Appaloosas (by Carol Walker)

GORGEOUS!! Seriously an amazing animal...

We are all about black horses. Nightmares. The dark horse.

I really miss my horses. The best escape I had in High School. I will have to add owning horses to my beach house plan. :)