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  • AJ ♡ aka: BatMom

    One of my black cats looks like a Panther, lol. Black Panther Lounging by Chuck Hilliard.

  • Lisa Rosovsky

    Lazy days of summer for Big Cats, too... It's not all chasing, running, excitement...

  • Angela Sereno

    Black panthers are beautiful creatures

  • Martine Regnier

    black panther. Lazy day. :-)

  • Alexandra Leigon

    Black Panther to the Caddo people of the southern bayous, Black Jaguar to the Maya of Central America. This great cat's medicine allows humans to face their fears and dark behaviors and embrace the shadowy aspects of being. The strength to embrace the Unknown, the Void, is its powerful gift to humans.

  • Dani Ugalde

    Black Panther, what a beautiful kitty cat, looks like velvet

  • Juan González-Ríos

    Lazy days... #BigCats

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Gorgeous black panther. Wow. In the words of Ogden Nash: "If a panther calls, don't anther."

~~Athena walking ~ black panther with a mission by Tambako the Jaguar~~

good movement in pic...want to capture movement in tattoo

Black Panther - beautiful animal ✿⊱╮

black cat - in celtic mythology some believe that there is a witch known as "Cat Sìth" who can take on the form of a black cat nine times...

Yeah, I know you're watching me...awesome!