Lily Munster

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Yvonne de Carlo as Lily Munster

Wednesday #Vintage Halloween

"Vintage queen of Halloween, Yvonne De Carlo."

Lily Munster

Yvonne de Carlo as Lily Munster.

Morticia Addams 1, Vampira, Lily Munster, Morticia Addams 2, Elvira

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The Munsters: Herman, Lily, Eddie, Grandpa and Marilyn.

The Munsters...

The Bride says "time to cut the cake!"

The Munsters

Lily Munster

Lily Munster- grew up watching this/her

Lily Munster.

The Munster's. Herman and Lilly. "Oh Herman, you're so sweet and thoughtful. When they made you, they broke the mold."

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Herman Munster.