Kalashi Girl

Innocence, the Balti Girl, Pakistan. The Balti is an ethnic group of Tibet with some Dardic admixture, who live in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan.



Kalash sisters - Pakistan. Kalash people are a non-Muslim minority living on the fringes of northern Pakistan.

Afghan girl

Kalash girl, Afghanistan, where people's eyes can be the colour of the sky.

Kalash of Northern Pakistan. The Kalash are fascinating. They don't share DNA markers with any other races/peoples, and they are so isolated they have managed to preserve their culture.

Kalash girl, north Pakistan

Kalash girl

Kalash Woman in Pakistan

Kalash girl. Pakistan.

Kalash Girl of Pakistan

Pakistan | Portrait of an old Kalash woman | © Gulraiz Ghouri

Beautiful Eyes

green eyes by phitar, via Flickr