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✯ White deer hold a place in the mythology of many cultures. The Celtic people considered them to be messengers from the otherworld; it. The Celts believed that the white stag would appear when one was transgressing a taboo, such as when Pwyll tresspassed into Arawn’s hunting grounds. Arthurian legend states that the creature has a perennial ability to evade capture; and that the pursuit of the animal represents mankind’s spiritual quest.✯

Kalash sisters - Pakistan. Kalash people are a non-Muslim minority living on the fringes of northern Pakistan.

Kalash girl, northern Pakistan. Amazing green Eyes!! These people are thought to be descendants of Alexander the great's army

The Chin ethnic minority group in Myanmar would give their daughters elaborate facial tattoos to ward off attacks from neighboring princes who would often try to kidnap girls to be concubines. The women in picture was one of the last to receive the groups markings, which has now died out after 200 years in practice.

Girl from the Kalash people. The Kalash people is a unique ethnic group around Pakistan (Green eyes are the most prevalent trait, and blonde hair is common). They have lived in relative isolation for millennia. Women have one of the highest rankings in the world for indigenous rights.



Kalash, Pakistan