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The Kalash are indigenous people of the Hindu Kush mountain range, residing in the Chitral district of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Some in the academic community have speculated that the Kalash might be from ancient Middle Eastern populations, an indigenous population from South Asia, or members of Alexander the Great's army. Though often overstated, instances of blond hair or light eyes are not uncommon.

Kalash Girl. | by Nadeem Khawar.

Kalash girl by Nilofar Mughal by bbgtunein, via Flickr

Faces of Kalash by imranthetrekker , new year new adventures, via Flickr

Kalash Girls from Pakistan NWFP living in chitral small village KALASH GUM yes i am also chitral i give you more information about this people

Kalash ladies in conversation in a street in Pakistan. Love the shoes!