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high wind/ buttermilk clouds/ twice (haiku by susan)

... And framed by the early morning haze ... a beautiful, flowering tree ... radiant in its crown of pink blossoms.

Tree, forming a canopy. Does this, or does this not, resemble a single leaf? The repetitive patters in nature are amazing. (see: fractals.)

Another lone Tree I find these kind of creepy. Not just these altered photos this one is obviously altered in such a way that it's meant to be eerie; I'm talking about kind of desolate but beautiful, vast landscapes with but one tree or something of the sort. I guess it's because when I look at such I photo I often picture myself there, alone. And sometimes, the idea of being in such a place all alone possibly without direction just seems kind of unpleasant. you would have been 32 months old my sweet darling Vylette and you should have been here with us not far away in the Heavens above 💔 we miss sweet darling Angel 💔 lots of hugs, love and kisses to you darling from Mommy and me 💜💗💓🌺

A woman is like a tree - grounded strongly to Mother Earth but can sway in the wind of change and weather the storms, look beautiful in the summer and protect herself in the winter, give shelter to the weary and weak and rise up to the clouds - I want to be just like her!

The most amazing tree on Earth

GINKGO TREE TUNNEL, JAPAN Ginkgo biloba is a highly venerated tree in Japan.This tree is regarded as " the bearer of hope ", "the survivor", "the living fossil"