fairy doors

Book Spine Art Collage

Miniature books shelved inside a regular sized book by Todd Pattison. So Tiny!!!!

Amazing Fairy door (actually a room) someone built into their mantle. It even has a side window and interior lights and stairway.

48 Rue des livres Photography? Brilliant.

little house made of books

How to make a cover from a Hardcover Book

Book fairy!

Very nice! Would love in my library.Fairy House

real old book spines on lampshade

I remember reading old fairy tales with kings and queens, witches and mermaids, as a child and loving them!

Book Rooms OH WOW!!

Book art!

UPCYCLE! cheap used book spines glued to a storage box....use the rest of the book for art journals, collage, altered book art, you name it!

house book

Fairy potions - this is something I would like to make for my grandaughter - before she gets too old to be interested in fairies.

the book chair

A Magical Christmas Scene in a Book

fairy door

DIY Secret Book

Handmade book with envelope pages. Great for notes/photos/collections.