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  • Aary Jaclyne

    9 Slimmed down restaurant chain recipes: includes PF Chang's Sesame Chicken, Taco Bell's Crunchwrap supreme, and a breakfast burrito!

  • DeeDee Chandler

    This recipe was a finalist in the SparkPeople Un-Chained Recipe Contest!I chose to re-make the Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell because Taco Bell used to be one of my favorite fast food restaurants. Also, it is still my boyfriend's favorite fast food chain and nearly every time he goes there, he will order a crunchwrap supreme.The funny thing is that most Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes are fairly simple to make... so I knew that it would be fun, delicious, and not too challenging to re-make this item!

  • Jenn Bee

    Copycat recipe (made healthier!) Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme - I made with vegetarian refried beans, meatless crumbles mixed with onion and fresh jalapeño, and lettuce and tomato. Better than some crappy fast food by far!

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Crunchwrap Supreme Copycat- just had this for dinner- really good, don't forget to buy the burrito (large) size flour tortillas. I had the regular size and they were not big enough!

Homemade crunchwrap supreme! Way healthier than Taco Bell!

Do It Yourself Crunchwrap Supreme - we finally tried it the other day at Taco Hell... it's easy enough to make at home now that I just bought huge flour tortillas!

How to Make Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme at Home. Make it BETTER at home with this recipe!

Homemade Crunchwrap Supremes --- - 12 "burrito size" flour tortillas - 6 corn tortillas - 1 lb ground beef - 1 pkg taco seasoning of your choice - 1 jar of taco cheese (found in the same aisle as the mexican foods/or chips) - 1 container of sour cream - 3-4 tomatos (depending on size) - 1 bag/head of iceberg lettuce

Homemade Crunchwrap Supreme Recipe!! but with chicken instead

Super delish and taste just like the type in the restaurant