Chevron and neon nails

Grey & Pink nails

Pink nails with a gray & white chevron stripes & silver glitter accent nails

Red Black & White Fun

Hot pink & chevron

If only they were neon green or neon blue

Peach & chevron nails

Cute nails

Valentines nails

Short Blue Chevrons - Trends & Style

bright blue nails and silver glitter

Glitter & neon.

pink glitter

This is one of the popular one too. choose one color and paint these three nails then choose a nail design (that matches)and paint that other nail then choose a glitter that also matches and paint that nail.You r done !!

Peach and Coral Ombre Mani with Gold Shimmery Striped Accent Nail

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<3 ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute nails

Glitter Polish