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What to wear for family photos. Color matches for family pictures


What to wear for family photo shoot

This is a nice formal style picture for a large family photo. I love the mountain in the background!

Love this idea. Shows the real chaos behind a perfect family photo. Very original.

Family Posing Idea

large group posing

Great example of how to coordinate outfits for a family or group photo. Layers, same color families, but not super matchy. They got it right! Please use this family as an example :-)

mother daughter

Top 10 tips for how to take your own Family Pictures!

Article about posing mistakes-GREAT article and I agree with ALL the tips on posing women!

love the posing

large family photo- love the natural looking placements due to the rocks and the coordinated but well dispersed color choices.

Must Do This Fun Family Photography Portrait <3

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Family photo idea! Fall by wilma

What to wear for family photoshoots {the “three colors + POP” rule} » Meghan Owens Photography

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